The latest world success in peace agreements is the Colombian process, after 50 years of war president Santos surrounded himself by a very diverse and experienced group of experts with the support of the international community. A Call For Peace is our journey through the peace process around the world, From Washington DC to Dublin, London, Oxford, NY, Bogota and Tumaco in the Pacific coast of Colombia we followed the protagonist events that changed the world.
How are intractable conflicts settled, and peace agreements achieved?
Who are the individuals that, behind-the-scenes, set the stage for constructive discussion?
What strategies and tactics are involved in bringing together highly oppositional parties?
How does the global community collaborate to find an end to violence, and a path toward peace and justice?
 The documentary film A Call for Peace unravels these intriguing questions, revealing a previously unseen view into the work of notable peace-builders that are responsible for transforming conflicts around the world. Produced and Directed by Melodie Carli and Juan Carlos Borrero, the film utilizes the Colombian peace process as a vehicle to demonstrate the challenging task of calling for and working towards peace, often in contexts where there is little or no hope. Committed to a fresh, unbiased view of the process of peace making, the film features candid, in-depth interviews with every key player that has been involved in paving the way for an end to the armed conflict in Colombia.
A Call for Peace is a refreshing portrayal of successful collaboration- in a region that for decades has only been portrayed in mainstream media as fraught and war-ridden. Using a variety of tools and techniques, including the inclusion of victim’s rights, the peace negotiations in Colombia also engaged diplomats, leaders and mediators such as William Ury, Jonathan Powell, Eamon Gilmore and more. The achievement of peace in Colombia is poised to set new standards in various fields of international affairs and conflict transformation. The results of the tactics discussed in A Call to Peace are becoming an exemplary process for other peace endeavors around the world. At a time where there are so many volatile, active conflicts around the world, this story is a vital one for the public to see and experience. The film is a unique opportunity for audiences to experience the impact of smart, soft power and global cooperation.
A Call for Peace is not only a moving, historic document but also a striking story of reconciliation in the 21st century Americas.


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