“Forging A New Frontier in Public Relations in A Hashtag world”

#Me too, #Black Lives Matter, #Fake News

Join CCI on February 15th to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing today’s practitioners as they encounter the increasingly rapid rate of information transmission?  What does it mean when anyone (including the President) can potentially ignite a media and social storm via Twitter and other social media? This panel of experts (including Baruch alums and faculty) discuss how they are dealing with these communication channels as they find new ways to connect with their key publics and audiences. Panel moderator Donald Singletary provides important context with an overview of the significant changes in Public Relations through the decades of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, as they were influenced by technology and social issues.

Panelists include:



Akeem is the founder of LushWeekender, an up and coming craft cocktail and beverage catering delivery service. In his agency life, he foresaw digital
marketing initiatives for a range of corporate clients. He’s also an alum of the Baruch Corporate Communications program and entered the world of Corporate Communication nine years ago at the age of 22. Since leaving the program, he’s solved for (most of/some of) the world’s problems including:
Helped companies identify areas of opportunity for engaging with consumers (social media, email, etc.) Developed communication strategies for internal
and external practices (setting up live-chats, membership communications, etc.) Acted as a resource for digital initiatives by helping clients capitalize on trends in digital marketing (biogs, videos, etc.) Now he’s trying to maximize his time by spending days as a barista and nights launching Lush Weekender, where he uses the ever-changing social and technical landscape to help make the food and beverage industry better for everyone.

gaffarMansura Ghaffar

Mansura Ghaffar is a passionate change advocate – whether it’s writing to persuade a specific point of view or lobbying for a better tomorrow, she has been committed to communications strategy since college. Currently working as a Communications Strategist for MetLife, Mansura has spent the last 10 years in Advertising PR and higher education.  She is proud to hold an Corporate Communications from Baruch and is an avid creative writer and fan of most things science fiction.



Ivy Teng lei’s experience spans from Fortune 100 comp;mies to bootstrap startups and have helped teams grow their products into global iconic brands_ She has managed millions of dollars in marketing spend, including step by step strategy execution and operation management. She previously worked at the Gap where she helped launch its fitness collection into the global market and prior to that, 1 of 4 accepted into Interpublic Groups of Companies’ competitive fnterAct Rotation Program. Ivy current serves as an Independent Director of Baruch Collegf’ Association and have previously served on other non-for-profit boards that focus on immigration, underserved communities and youth empowerment in pursuing their education


Leland is a public relations professional experienced in social justice, behavioral change, and advocacy campaigns. A long-time cannabis legalization activist, he’s worked in top communication strategy pos1t1ons media-training executives, driving national press coverage, and building grassroots campaigns with organizations such as the
Cannabis and Hemp Association, the Cannabis Cultural Association, and currently Powerplant Global Strategies. Leland is also the founder and owner of Conscious Communications Collective, a strategic communications, branding, and marking firm dedicated to businesses building the communities around them.



    When: February 15th, 2018

    Event Start/End Time: 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM

     Location Name:        Baruch College

     Building Name:        Newman Vertical Campus

     Room Name:            Room 14-270