An historic panel discussion featuring panelists Harold Burson, Muriel Fox and Herb Schmertz to commemorate The Museum of Public Relations’ opening exhibit at Baruch College/CUNY.

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Moderated by James R. Arnold, founding trustee, The Museum of Public Relations

They have been prime movers and shakers in public relations, advertising, communications and media from the 1950’s until the present. Tonight they will discuss the innovative contributions that forever changed society’s perceptions and expectations of such institutions as government, corporations, nonprofits and media.

About the Program Panelists

Harold Burson co-founded Burson-Marsteller with Bill Marsteller, which is the largest public relations agency in the world today—and ushered in the concept of integrated marketing which became an industry standard. More here.

Muriel Fox is a co-founder of NOW, honorary board chair of the NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund (now called Legal Momentum) and board chair of Veteran Feminists of America, and was former executive vice president of Carl Byoir & Associates, one of America’s three largest public relations firms. More here.

Herbert Schmertz was a vice president of public affairs for the Mobil Corporation whose advocacy for sponsoring programs on PBS significantly influenced the relationship between PBS and major corporations. Schmertz oversaw a number of advertisements placed into the Op-ed section of The New York Times used to explain Mobil’s position on issues concerning the United States and the company, along with criticism of Mobil’s opponents. (source: Wikipedia) More here.

Moderator: James E. Arnold, President, Arnold Consulting Group, Inc. More here.

About The Museum of Public Relations

The Museum of Public Relations was established in 1985 to acquire and maintain historical exhibits and displays, a public relations reference library, and an online historical review of the profession, its pioneers, its processes and its impact on our society.

The Museum’s growing library and collection of historical and current books, literature, videos and other media provide a broad and deep understanding of the role of public relations in society, including such related areas as social psychology, sociology, propaganda, media, journalism, politics, research and communication theory.


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The William and Anita NEWMAN LIBRARY, Baruch College/CUNY

Exhibit in the News

Baruch College Library Exhibits Collection from PR Museum

Museum to Hone Image of the P.R. Profession
By Christine Haughney, September 14, 2014
The New York Times

Event Photos

The Public Relations Museum panel discussion and reception.

Progam Panelists and Moderator (Left to Right): Muriel Fox, Jim Arnold, Herb Schmertz and Harold Burson


  Photos by Jerry Speier

Event Sample ExhibitThe Public Relations Museum panel discussion and reception.

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Event Videos

Published on YouTube Sep 25, 2014
Opening Video shown at The Museum of Public Relations opening at Baruch College CUNY with Paul Garrett, Dan Edelman, Betsy Plank, Ofield Dukes, Chet Burger, Edward Bernays and Marilyn Laurie.

The video compilation of the seven public relations practitioners shown at the beginning of the presentation was produced by The Museum of Public Relations. The clips of Paul Garrett, Betsy Plank, Ofield Dukes and Marilyn Laurie were provided by others credited at the end of the film. The clips of Dan Edelman, Chet Burger and Edward Bernays were shot by Barry Spector.

The People, Ideas and History that Shaped PR’s First 100 Years
Panel discussion with Harold Burson, Muriel Fox and Herbert Schmertz and moderated by Jim Arnold, The Museum of Public Relatons.  Produced by Baruch College/CUNY.  Courtesy of Baruch College’s Digital Media Library.

Donor Interviews
The evening’s donors to The PR Museum Exhibit speak about their artifacts:  Joyce and Richard Newman, Muriel Fox, Joan Capelin and Barry Spector.


September 23, 2014
  • 6:00 am - 8:30 pmThe People, Ideas, and History that Shaped PR's First 100 Years