The mission of CCI – Corporate Communication International is to enhance the performance and reputation of corporate communication as a strategic management function; and to be the number one choice of both practicing professionals and scholars for information and knowledge on corporate communication.


Corporate Communications International is established to serve as:

  • a bridge between theory and practice, by bringing students, practicing professionals and scholars together to share information and ideas.
  • a resource center for the continuing education of professionals through briefings, symposia, forums, conferences, and white papers.
  • a clearinghouse and integrator of knowledge from a variety of academic disciplines relevant to the theory and practice of corporate communication.
  • an incubator for primary research in corporate communication, making a contribution to overall organizational performance.
  • a partner for corporations and other organizations wishing to conduct applied research.
  • an advocate for professionalism in corporate communication, by conducting research and offering forums on topics relevant to the field.
  • a leader and catalyst, helping to define the research agenda for the field of corporate communication.